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Featured Story: The Sagebrush Burners

Roger and his younger brother Ernie were inseparable as boys growing up in Southwest Virginia in the early 1950s.

One day when they were both still in elementary school, the two boys were setting off firecrackers in the brush field above their house, and accidentally set the field on fire.  It eventually took almost a hundred people to put the fire out.

Afterward, as they were being scolded by their father for their behavior, Roger blurted out: “And the fire almost got to where we had stored the dynamite!”  Oops.  A hastily-arranged inspection by adults proved that there was indeed dynamite, which the boys had gotten from some friends, who had found it at an old coal mining site.  Roger and Ernie were henceforth known in their community as “The Sagebrush Burners.”

Despite this escapade, “The Sagebrush Burners” grew up and pursued careers that had nothing to do with explosions or fires.  Roger became a much loved and respected high school guidance counselor, and his brother Ernie went on to a successful career as a CAD draftsman for major companies.

Remembering Roger Stanley, 1942-2009