Sports Dad

Remembering My Father, The Sports Dad

I grew up in the 1960s and early 1970s. I was fortunate to play kids’ baseball in the days before it became too commercialized. Teams were chosen from among interested kids who were within two years of the same age at each school. Cards were filled out, shuffled and divided into groups of 12. These twelve-person groups formed a team. Each team needed a father to coach the team and find a sponsor. Sponsors provided a tee shirt with their company name on the back and a cap. Players wore these along with blue jeans and tennis shoes. There were no fancy uniforms or special shoes.

Many years, none of the other fathers would volunteer to coach. My Dad always stepped forward and filled the void. He had to leave work early to make practices and games. This was not easy as he worked in a town about 25 miles from where we lived. Not only did he coach my teams, he also coached teams for my older brother.

Dad was always there for me, my brother and many other kids who just wanted to play baseball. In my twelve years of playing, he only missed a handful of games whether he was the coach or not. On the rare occasion he missed a game, he would sit at the kitchen table when he arrived home and listen to every detail of the game. His interest was always focused on us.

Through high school and four years of college football Dad was always there. Even today he is still there when I need him.

Thanks for sacrificing your time and being a great Dad.