Doug Williams

When Doug Williams jumped from the National Football League to the USFL and joined the Oklahoma Outlaws I did not know much about him as a person.  One evening I went to dinner at Rosie’s Rib Joint in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I arrived at the restaurant at about 5:30, and  there was only one other couple in the restaurant.  It happened to be Doug Williams and his date.  Not wanting to be an autograph hound, I just nodded and smiled as I passed them on my way to my table.  Doug nodded back.

Rosie’s is a busy place.  Unfortunately, as more people arrived and the restaurant filled up, other patrons were not as courteous and a small crowd gathered around his table.  I watched as he graciously signed autographs and spoke with the crush of people surrounding him.

About an hour after I arrived, Doug stood up and in a clear, polite voice announced that he would be leaving in about twenty minutes.  He said he would be glad to sign additional autographs but asked that people understand his time constraints.  More people rushed to his table to get an autograph.  Williams smiled genially as he signed each one.  After twenty minutes he and his date stood up to leave.  As they walked out, the rest of the diners stood and applauded him, cheering and yelling out their thanks for his generosity.