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Featured Story:  The Oklahoma City Bombing, 1995

My husband and I were on our way to the Oklahoma City Court House on the morning of April 19, 1995.  We were running late, we had planned to be at the courthouse when it opened at 9am.

At 9:15am, we were within a couple of blocks of the Court House when the police made us turn around.  Most of the streets were blocked.  Up ahead we saw cars exploding in flames and windows being blown out.  We turned on the car radio to find out what was happening and heard there had been an explosion at the Murrah Building.

When we got home we turned on the TV.  At first we thought they were showing coverage of an earthquake somewhere;  people were running around everywhere and smoke was billowing up to the sky. The place was unrecognizable.  A little later the TV announcer explained there had been a bombing of the Murrah Building.   We were very fortunate that we were late that morning.