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Featured Story: The Tall Grass Prairie – North Central Oklahoma

At first sight of the Tall Grass Prairie I couldn’t help but think back to the days before the westward expansion.  My thoughts drifted to the days when Native Americans walked and camped among the rolling hills.   The beauty of the big sky at night, and the eerie quietness disturbed only by powerful thunderstorms and the rumble of buffalo trampling the knee-high grass show nature as it was a thousand years ago.

At night the lack of artificial light and tall structures allow one to view the sky without distraction.  The stars are too numerous to count and the “shooting stars” are more visible.  The quiet is broken only occasionally by the howl of a coyote in the distance or the hoot of an owl perched in a nearby tree.  In this place nature is still unspoiled, wild and free.

Perhaps in no other place in the U.S. can one imagine so well what the continent was like before the coming of the white man and his march across the land in pursuit of his “Manifest Destiny.”

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