Welcome to Americans Remember

This site is a collection of memories by ordinary Americans.  It is dedicated to providing individuals the opportunity to share and preserve–in a public forum–their memories of important moments, places and events in their lives.  We hope this collection will provide a venue for preserving the oral history of America, the stories of everyday American life.

A Gas Station in Kern County, CA, 1938. Photo by Dorothea Lange, Library of Congress Collection

Facts about important people, places and major events are recorded in history books, textbooks, travel guides, newspapers.  But the real story of life in America–what it means to be American–is found in the stories we all tell about our memories of how we lived, what we thought, how we reacted to the places we visited and the events that took place around us.  These stories record the fabric of American life itself.

As generations pass away our knowledge of how they lived and what they thought is lost unless their stories are shared and preserved.  We hope you will enjoy our site, and share your own stories and memories with us.

If you have a story about a place or event in your life that you would like to share, please read the Tell Your Story page for information on how to make your story part of Americans Remember.